Madeira Thread

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You'll Love Madeira Thread for Your Next Embroidery Project

Our Madeira thread is a top-quality, long-lasting thread that provides excellent value to your next embroidery project. This 100% rayon embroidery thread is two-ply with a dazzling color palette of over 25 colors.

Each color has a spool and cone form of fine silk-like quality that is machine washable and dry cleanable; simply follow care instructions on our website or include a packaging insert.

We provide different weights in Spool with 1100Yd and Cone with 5500Yd with amazing colors.

Choose Madeira Thread

  • Colorfast - After every wash, your fabric will keep its color beautifully.
  • Looks and Feels Great - You'll love working with Madeira thread, especially since it feels so soft and smooth against your skin. The fabric won't bunch up or feel uncomfortable in any way when you wear it.
  • Easy to Use - Madeira polyneon rayon thread is easy to work with because of its strength and durability. When you use Madeira polyneon rayon thread on your next project, there are no knots, tangles, or breaks that might slow down your progress.

Benefits of Using Madeira Polyneon & Rayon Thread

Madeira Polyneon & rayon thread has a soft hand that's perfect for lightweight garments and home décor items. Because it's so supple, you can use a smaller needle size than if you were using traditional embroidery thread.

A large amount of color options is an added bonus.

Colors are brighter and more vibrant, making your projects pop. There is a number of colors to choose from.

Things to Consider Before Buying Madeira Thread

Make sure you know what kind of job you want to do before committing to a certain type of thread; different types are best suited to different applications.

Here's how they stack up. Madeira polyneon thread has an elasticity that allows it to stretch when pulled on. 

This property makes it ideal for lightweight sewing fabrics such as silk or sheer nylon because it won't easily break when working with delicate materials.

It also makes its stitching invisible from both sides of your project, unlike other threads, which show from one side only. The synthetic nature of polyneon also makes it resistant to fading or stretching over time, making your completed project more durable than traditional cotton threads. Choose Madeira for the highest quality embroidery thread available.