Melco G2 Sleeve Table


Tools needed for installation:

  • 2.5mm Metric Hex Driver
  • 3mm Metric Hex Driver

Needed Parts:

  • Sleeve Table
  • Adapter Plate
  • Two (2) Short Table Interface Brackets
  • Four (4) M4 Countersunk Hex Screws

g2 sleeve 1

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the Standard Frame Table from the machine.
    g2 sleeve 2
    1. Loosen and remove the hardware – 4 screws – at each corner of the table using the 3mm Metric Hex Driver.
    2. Remove the Standard Frame Table and store it in a secure location.
  1. Remove the front Long Table Interface Bracket using the 2.5mm Metric Hex Driver.

g2 sleeve 3

Leave the Rear Table Interface Bracket in place as is.

g2 sleeve 4

  1. Mount the two (2) Short Table Interface Brackets in the locations shown below using M4 Countersunk Hex Screws.

g2 sleeve 5

  1. Align the Sleeve Table and the Adapter Plate as shown in the picture below and secure them to the Table Support using six (6) M4 Countersunk Hex Screws.

g2 small 5


g2 universal note

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