STS MUTOH XPJ-1682D Two Head 64" DTF Printer

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Introducing the XpertJet 1682 DTF

The STS XpertJet 1682D 64” DTF Printer from MUTOH and STS Inks has a staggered dual-head design that provides ultra-fast print speeds. It produces smooth gradations while delivering high-quality printing even with reduced resolution thanks to ink configurations 

STS XPJ-1682D 2 Head DTF Printer Features:

  •  Built-in color sensor for auto bi-directional alignments.
  •  Improved feed mechanism corresponding to a wide range of media.
  •  MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM) checks printer status in real time.
  •  Media flange allows for easy media loading.
  •  Standard 66lb take-up unit. 

The 64" Dual Head DTF Printer Comes Stocked With:


Frequently Asked Questions about the STS XpertJet 1682D 64” DTF Printer from MUTOH

Q: What is the STS XPJ 1682D DTF Printer?

A: The STS XpertJet 1682D DTF Printer is a large-format two head, direct-to-film (DTF) printer that can produce high-quality prints on rolls of DTF Film.

Q: What are the key features of the STS XpertJet 1682D DTF Printer?

A: The printer features a large width that can accommodate DTF Film up to 48" Wide, a Circulated white ink system and bulk CMYK system and an advanced print head maintenance system. It also comes with a user-friendly software package for easy image editing and management.

Q: How does the STS XpertJet 1682D DTF Printer compare to other DTF printers on the market?

A: The printer's large print width, Bulk CMYK ink channels and circulated white make this the fastest DTF printer on the market, Registration is a huge component to DTF Printing and you will find no other printer on the market more precise than this Mutoh Printer.