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Heat presses are an essential tool for anyone looking to create custom t-shirts, hats, or other garments. They allow you to transfer images, graphics, and text onto a wide variety of fabrics, making it easy to create unique and personalized items. Whether you're a small business owner, a designer, or just someone who loves to DIY, a heat press is the perfect tool to bring your ideas to life. With advanced features such as precise temperature and pressure control, a heat press will help you create professional-quality designs with ease.  We carry both the Hotronix and GeoKnight Brands of Heat Presses

Heat presses for Garment Printing

Popular and trustworthy brands like Hotronix Fusion Heat presses, The MAXX® Clam, BigRed V4 Series dryers, GeoKnight Heat Presses, and many brands are available on our site.

Components of a heat press machine

A heat press machine has two main components: The heating unit and the platen (or pressing) unit. Some companies sell just these two pieces, while others include all of their attachments in one place.

Most pressing machines, like ours, come with an additional roller, a more accurate thermometer, and an automatic timer that helps you know when you've reached your desired press time.

Types of presses

Manual presses are perfect for someone just starting out or on a budget. They take some patience and strength, but you can find them for as little as $100 online.

Automatic presses range from $1,000 – $10,000+, so it's important that you see how many shirts you want to print before purchasing one of these machines.

Guide before buying a Heat press machine

Deciding what equipment you need.

  • Figure out which garment heat press best fits your needs.
  • A quality garment heat press machine can streamline production time, increase efficiency, and lower costs for your small business.
  • Look at the website and read the testimonials from past customers on what type of company you are buying from.
  • See if their products match up with reviews from industry experts, or ask around within and look through your network to find if anyone has already worked with them.
  • Ask yourself if they appear trustworthy. Are they transparent about costs?
  • Do they offer money-back guarantees?
  • Are shipping rates reasonable?