Geo Knight Maxi Press Air Automatic

Size: 32" x 42"



Discover the MAXI•PRESS AIR, an automatic large-format heat transfer press tailored for increased automation and higher pressure demands compared to its manual counterpart. Boasting an oversized platen and a production-oriented design, this press is equipped with a single front loading table and a high-pressure pneumatic lifting system.

Activated with a simple button push, the press is powered by a dual airbag, 10-ton, 20,000 lbs max force self-leveling mechanism. It automatically releases at the end of the timing cycle. The front console integrates the Digital Knight control, providing precise regulation of digital temperature, automatic timing, and full air pressure control.

The robust triple-reinforced welded C-Frame design, crafted from heavy steel, ensures durability for a lifetime of intense pressing and automatic operation. This design allows for full draping of materials over the front, left, and right sides without hindrance. Positioned just below larger industrial 931 Triton machines, the MAXI•PRESS AIR is the go-to solution for large-format heavy-pressure automatic presses.


  • Available in Single shuttle (standard) or Dual loading table format (optional)
  • SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology
  • Ultra-thick heater block assembly
  • Solid steel pressure bars
  • Heavy steel frame structures
  • 20,000 lbs force, 10-ton airbag lift mechanism
  • Self-leveling pressure system
  • Solid lower platen base
  • Solid loading bed with ultra-thick nomex padding
  • Dual button easy-activate safety circuit
  • Heavy-duty locking casters for easy movability and solid foundation support
  • Automatic press, release, temp & timer controls


  • FREE LIFETIME Tech Support!
  • Full one-year warranty on heating element, controls, and the entire press


  • Minimum Compressed Air Required: 20gal, 4cfm, 100psi, 3/8" line
  • Electrical for 44x64: 208V-230V, 18000W, 1PH, 85A, 100A breaker recommended (3ph/18KW/50A optional add $375)
  • Electrical for 32x42: 208V-230V, 9000W, 1PH, 42A, 50A breaker recommended
  • Top & Bottom Heat: 44x64 = 36KW/3PH - 32x42 = 18KW/1PH
Download MAXI•PRESS AIR Delivery & Install Tips (PDF)

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