Roland BN2-20a Eco-Solvent Printer & Cutter - INK & MEDIA PACKAGE


Roland BN2-20A Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter

Introducing the Roland BN2-20A Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter Package, your ultimate solution for top-quality graphics production.

This powerhouse offers an array of benefits, including:

  • 4x faster print speeds for superior productivity
  • Professional-grade printing and cutting capabilities
  • Affordable pricing tailored for start-ups and smaller businesses
  • User-friendly design, catering to novices and experts alike
  • Compact footprint, perfect for space-limited environments
  • Feature-rich and intuitive design, complemented by included output software
Bundle Includes:

Popular Applications

  • Apparel: Create custom designs on clothing items for your fashion brand or personal wardrobe.
  • Decals and Labels: Produce high-quality decals and labels for branding, marketing, or organizational purposes.
  • Small Signs and Posters: Design eye-catching signs and posters for events, promotions, or informational displays.
  • Art and Photography: Print stunning art pieces and photographs with exceptional color accuracy and detail.

Product Highlights

  • Max. Media Width: 20 inches
  • Ink Configuration: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

Elevate your graphics production capabilities with the Roland BN2-20A Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your journey, this versatile and cost-effective solution is tailored to meet your demands.

Order yours today and unlock a new era of professional-quality graphics production!

Includes Flexi Designer for Automatic Cut Line Creation

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