250ml Black Ink Cartridge For Brother Gt-541

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Full Size Replacement for Brother® OEM Part No. GC-50M or GC-50K25

GarmentPrinterInk.com sells only the highest quality Brother Garment Printer Replacement ink from Sawgrass Technologies. NaturaLink B cartridges will save you 25% over Brother ink cartridges and are color matched to perfection so there is no flushing needed and changeover is seamless.

A direct-to-garment printer's output depends on the quality of textile ink used. The quality of ink affects the ink flow, level of printer maintenance, color fidelity and vibrancy as well as print longevity. -Socrates

Cure instructions: 356F for 35 seconds. Med to heavy pressure


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy this ink?

A: You will save money, lots of money, while sacrificing nothing in return. NaturaLink allows you to obtain similar (and, in some cases, better) performance at a lower cost. NaturaLink ink creates a direct chemical bond with the cotton fibers in your garment, so there is no hand left behind, while yielding rich, vibrant colors that last. This chemical bond enables the garment to stand up to multiple washes, resulting in superior wash fastness. In addition, this water-based ink was designed to be both environmentally and chemically friendly to you and your printer. The unparalleled stability of NaturaLink provides for superior printer performance and reduced downtime.

Q: Can I install NaturaLink directly in my Brother® GT-541 printer?

A: Yes. NaturaLink B was developed specifically for your Brother® GT-541 printer. As a result, you may simply replace an empty Brother® cartridge with a new one containing NaturaLink B without concern. You are unlikely to notice performance differences, except for an improved wash-fastness.

Q: Can Brother® or Epson® void my warranty if I use a third-party ink?

A: No. In the United States, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act of 1975, as well as the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts that precede it, stipulate that a manufacturer cannot void your warranty for using third-party ink or cartridges. It is thus against US law for a printer manufacturer to void your warranty. Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty. This is commonly referred to as the "tie-in sales" provisions, and is frequently mentioned in the context of third-party computer parts, such as memory and hard drives.

Instructions for the 250ml Black Ink Cartridge For Brother Gt-541

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Frank I.

As always, a great product and quick shipping turnaround. Thanks!!