How To Install Thread Rack on SWF Embroidery Machine?

Osman Bayrak

The embroidery machine thread rack holds all of your different cones or spools of thread. A thread rack usually comes with your machine so you don't have to buy a thread rack or even worry about what a thread rack costs.  Make sure you read about the many "threading Tip" that are listed below they will help you with any embroidery machine including Tajima, SWF, HAPPY and Toyota embroidery machines.  

What are some helpful tips to threading an embroidery machine?

The higher the quality of the thread, the less special handling will be required. Poor quality thread breaks easily and can make any sewing project more labor than love. Look for a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the thread, can you return it for a refund? The best brands are not afraid to guarantee their products. Look at more than one brand and try new threads.

Make sure the thread you select is intended for your application. New threads are exciting and provide new capabilities. All projects are not the same. Ask some basic questions for each project. What fabric am I using? What stabilizer? What is the content and weight of the thread? What about needle type and size? Do I need to change the tension? What would be the best thread to use? When it all comes together, the result will be a completed project that is looked upon with pride.

Each type of thread has specific characteristics and will behave differently on sewing machines. Threads are either made of a natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, linen) or synthetic fibers (rayon, polyester, nylon).