Osman Bayrak


  1. Cap Frame is binding, moving forward, back or side to side. Make sure Cap Supports or "Wings" are extended out far enough to allow for smooth movement. NOTE: There are new "Small Cap Supports" that come in a kit with part number 10868. They will accommodate low crowned caps easier.
  2. Make sure that the Stabilizers are just barely away from the needle plate, and centered on the needle plate hole.
  3. Oil the shafts according to the schedule shown in the manual.
  4. Check all other adjustments outlined in the set-up portion of the WACF Manual. The instructional video tape that can help in checking proper installation is a good source of information. The part number is: 10318. It may be ordered through your distributor.
  5. Make sure that the design being set up is digitized for WACF use, as an improperly digitized design can cause design to sew out with distortion.
  6. Make sure the design is not to tall in Y Axis to fit the sewing field. See Technical Advisory Bulletin (WACF-002, Rev A)
  7. There was an upgrade that involved replacing the WACF Driver Shafts. If the mounting screws that hold the front cap frame mount or "Dovetail" on to the shafts don't pass all of the way through the mount with nuts on the outside, there are parts that come in a kit to replace the old style shafts. The Part Number for the kit is: 011224-01. The kit can be ordered through your distributor. One kit is needed per WACF- Driver. The upgrade improves the stability of the WACF-Driver.
  8. If the disk like stiffener is used for caps, it will cause a loss of sewing field in the Y Axis or top to bottom for un-structured caps.
  9. There is no need for the raised needle plate when using the WACF. It is constructed so that the flat needle plate is all that is needed.