Epson F2000 Fading white prints

customerMarch 05, 20191 comment

There are many reasons why one day you could be getting great white prints and the next it starts fading or banding or not coming out at all.  It would be a mistake to jump the gun and assume it's a clog.  Many time there is a pressure issue.  Either leaking damper, loose connection, air in the lines, bad capping station or in THIS case, a leaking broken circulation pump.  The only fiix in this case is buying a new one.  If you are having an issue with white prints even after lots of head cleans, this is something to take a look at.

Circulation pump Epson F2000

You wouldnt know this is happening until you look in the back of your printer.  Then the swearing starts.....

F2000 circulation pump Repair

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YU-Ye Wen on February 01, 2021

Hi There, I got similar problem recently. Do you sell this part?

Thank you

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