Possible jump motor problem

Osman Bayrak

Needle bar in down position on every needle

It sounds like your jump motor needs to be adjusted or replaced. The jump motors
job is to push aside the top portion of the reciprocator to disengage the needle
bar so the needles can return to the top of it's motion. The jump motor has a
shaft that upon receiving information from the control panel fires out the
piston shaft pushing aside the top of the reciprocator, thus disengaging the
needle from the reciprocator allowing the needle to go back up to the top. To
test the jump motor do the following.

1. Press the button on the control panel that is labeled MACHINE. (It has the
SWF logo on it

2. Scroll down to MACHINE TEST. and press SET.

3. Scroll down to JUMP MOTOR TEST, or it may be labeled JUMP TEST. Press SET.

4. Press the START button to fire the jump motor. You should hear a clicking
sound emanating from the left hand side of the head.

If you hear a clicking noise, that would indicate that the jump motor is
working and it just needs to be adjusted. If you do not hear anything when
pressing the START button, this would indicate the jump motor has failed and
will need to be replaced. It is not an expensive part, and replacing it takes about 30 minutes or so.