Over Oiling your SWF Machine

Osman Bayrak

Do you have problems with oil dripping on
your clothing, or oil showing up on your presser feet?

I usually put 4-5 drops oil in at the end of the day, then make
sure everything is wiped off before embroidering at the beginning of
the next day, sometimes I also run something on scrap fabric or
stabilizer to get any "residual" oil out and this way I don't stain
my clothing. I've only had problems 2 times with oil on my clothing.

My technician showed me how I was putting too much oil in my
tank. With our SWF's, we should run the oil low, because for some
reason they like to 'spit' oil if the tank is full. I have had my
machine for 3 1/2 years, and NEVER keep the tank full---just enough
to keep the wick system with oiled.

So far, I haven't had any problems with getting oil on anything.
I was also told that if you accidently over oil, put a paper towel
up behind the needles overnight and the paper towel would soak up
the extra oil. So far, I haven't had to do that either.
I did make the mistake of filling the oil tank up to the red line
right after I got the machine because that is what the book said to
do. That made a big mess EVERYWHERE.
I've had my machine for almost 2 years now. I guess mine is more of
an "oil hog" than yours.