Cleaning Encoder Strip on Anajet Sprint


Cleaning the AnaJet encoder strip


The Encoder Strip is located above the rounded chrome-colored Carriage Bar. The Encoder Strip is read by an optical sensor at the back of the Printhead Carriage. This is how the printer detects the printhead’s position. If ink or other debris sticks to the Encoder Strip it could cause a variety of issues.

WARNING: Cleaning the encoder strip and optical eye should not take more than 15 minutes. If the printhead is off the maintenance station for more than 15 minutes, clogging may occur. If a repair will take more than this period of time, it is recommend to power up at the control panel and perform a nozzle check and printhead clean as necessary to restore normal operation.

•The first step in cleaning the encoder strip is to release the print carriage and power the printer off at the control panel. After that, mix 1:1, distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.

•Wet a paper towel with the mix and pinch the encoder strip on both sides and firmly but not forcefully clean the encoder strip by moving back and forth along the length of the strip. Move the carriage out of the way as needed to reach the entire strip from end to end.

(CAUTION: Do NOT use tap water or straight alcohol – either can permanently damage the encoder strip. Also do NOT use this mixture for any other cleaning operations on your AnaJet printer.)

anajet encoder

cleaning the encoder on the anajet sprint

Once the encoder strip has been cleaned, take a dry paper towel or shirt and completely dry the encoder strip off, to avoid water spots or streaks. Do not leave the encoder strip to air dry.

Procedure for Cleaning the Optical Eye

using a non-particle cleaning wand from Garment Printer Ink.

cleaning anajet optical eye
Follow the encoder strip as a guide behind the printhead carriage and push the wand into the track retainer that holds the encoder strip on the BACKSIDE of the printhead carriage. Once the wand is inserted in the optical reader spin the wand a couple of times to remove any debris as pictured below.

optical eye and encoder strip anajet sprint

Finally, slide the printhead carriage all the way left,

then: For SPRINT™ Press ENTER and DOWN ARROW again to toggle the maintenance station back into position (if you forget this step you will hear an error beep and must power the printer off at the back).

For FP-125™ Turn the maintenance station screw behind the black ink cartridge clockwise to flip the wiper blade up

Finally for both printer models press power on the control panel to power the printer on and reinitialize.

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