AnaJet Sprint Ink Charge Utility


Anajet Sprint Utility ink Charge

The Ink Charge is the fastest way to get ink into and out of your printer.  It is a tool that should be used when filling the printer with ink, or flushing out the ink lines with

waste ink counter reset anajet sprint

Locate the AnaJet SPRINT Utility located on your driver disk. It will be inside the
utilities folder when you browse the disk.
If you are using windows VISTA or Windows 7, you will need to set the AnaJet SPRINT
Utility to run as administrator by right-clicking on it.

Select your AnaJet from the drop down menu. Click the Ink Charge button.

anajet sprint utility ink charge


A message will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click “YES”.

ink charge on anajet

The Ink Charge will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. The Ink Charge will be complete when the green LED above the Power Button stops flashing. You can watch the clear Ink Tubes as they fill.

Note: To completely fill your printer with ink, it can take 4 or more complete Ink
Charges. If you get a communication error message, make sure your printer is
completely on in the back and front and the print queue is clear of any jobs.

If the printer will be inactive for more than 3 days, after flushing you may power it down completely.

ink flush



Cleaning Solution and cleaning supplies for the Anajet garment printer

While flushing, watch the ink movement in the ink tubes. The more viscous white ink will take longer to clear
from the tubes.  When all of the tubes are clear going into the print carriage, run a print purge from EKPrint
Studioto to assure all ink is clear from the dampers and print head as well as the tubes. If there is any residual
ink showing on the purge, continue flushing to clear and check again using the purge. Once you are sure that
all of the ink is removed let the printer sit with cleaning fluid in it overnight, then refill with ink the next day.


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