Ultimate Garment Printer Cleaning Swab Pack

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This is the Ultimate Garment Printer Cleaning Swab Pack.

5 Different cleaning swabs (33 Foam Cleaning swabs in all) one for every area of your Garment Printer.

These different size Foam Cleaning Brushes can help you clean any garment printer.

You get:

10 -  5" long rectangular cleaning paddle
10 -  4" long tear drop / capping station swabs
  5 -  6" Flexible Printer Swabs
  4 -  4" long Lollipop/ Print head Swabs
  4 -  3" Non-static micro swabs

Foam swab clean dirty garment printer head

These Swabs of polypropylene help clean areas of your machine that Q-Tips or other methods can't get to. Keep your Anajet, DTG, MelcoJet, Flexi-jet, Veloci-jet, Neoflex or any garment printer clean with this Ultimate Garment Printer Cleaning Swab pack.

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