Flushing the ink on the Anajet Sprint


Using the Pump to Flush the Ink System on a Epson R1900 Garment Printer like the Anajet Sprint, FP125 or MelcoJet 


Flushing ink out the printer is something that should be done approximately once per month as routine
maintenance. This is the same procedure to follow when you will be unable to perform the required
maintenance while you are away or will not be using the printer for an extended period.
[Over three days.]

1. Remove the all of the ink cartridges from the Ink Bay and replace with Cleaning Solution
2. Perform several Ink Charges to flush the ink out of Tubes, Dampers, and Print Head. See the
 performing an Ink Charge.

3. Visually inspect the Tubes. Although the Tubes may be slightly stained from the ink, the Tubes
will be transparent when all the ink had been flushed out.
4. Run a Nozzle Check and Print Purge on the Print Table to inspect that the ink inside the Print
Head has been fully replaced by Cleaning Solution.
5. Note that the white ink will take longer to flush out than the color ink as it is a heavier pigment.
6. Let the printer soak overnight, or power down if the machine is not going to be used.
7. To fill your printer with ink again, insert your ink cartridges and perform several Ink Charges.

Tip: The ink that is in the Tubes is still usable and does not need to be wasted during the system flush.
There is enough ink in the Tubes to print two or three shirts. Insert your Cleaning Solution cartridges,
but print as though ink were inserted. This will naturally draw the Cleaning Solution through the tubes,
while allowing you to use any leftover ink. Once the Cleaning Solution is close to the Print Head, finish it
off with a few Ink Charges and verify that your Print Head is free of ink with an Ink Charge.



flush Epson R1900 Anajet Garment Printer ink system

Press the POWER button to power down the printer from the control panel

Press the UP ARROW& ENTER keys simultaneously

Continue pressing keys. Releasing keys will stop the ink pump. When filling or flushing release the keys every 15 seconds or so to prevent ink splashing.

It is recommended to perform a head clean after using the ink pump.

Get cleaning solution to flush your Anajet Garment Printer.

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