Understanding Epson 4880 Error code 00030009

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This is an error code for "DEBUG". There are many things that can cause this happen. Anything from a memory overload to faulty soldering on the main board. If your machine has been running then faulty soldering is most likely not the cause.  Power OFF the entire system (Epson, main...

Video Replacing the Capping Station on your Neoflex Printer


Lean how to install or repair the capping station (maintenance station) on your Neoflex garment Printer Buy a Pump and Capping Station (maintenance station) for your Neoflex Garment Printer here

Video Replacing the Dampers on your Neoflex Printer


Learn how to replace the dampers on your neoflex garment printer. You can buy Dampers for your Neoflex Garment Printer Here

Epson 4880 DTG Neoflex Error Codes

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Error Codes (Maintenance)0002 Carriage Motor / Ink Tube end of life (Clear Carriage Motor Counter)0004 Nozzle check error0008 RTC error (Real Time Clock) (Check the Battery and reset the Date and Time)0010 Multi Sensor Error0020 Print Head life counter (Reset the Head counter)0040 Cleaner Unit end of life (Clear the Cleaner counter)0080 Date...

VIDEO remove Epson 4880 Neoflex Head and flush


Here's a video on one of the most common fixes/repair/maintenance for a garment printer. Removing the Print Head.  Whether you need to replace the neoflex printhead, clean it or just check to make sure it's not the cause of your problems, watching a video is the easiest way to get...