Epson 4880 DTG Neoflex Error Codes

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Error Codes (Maintenance)

0002 Carriage Motor / Ink Tube end of life (Clear Carriage Motor Counter)
0004 Nozzle check error
0008 RTC error (Real Time Clock) (Check the Battery and reset the Date and Time)
0010 Multi Sensor Error
0020 Print Head life counter (Reset the Head counter)
0040 Cleaner Unit end of life (Clear the Cleaner counter)
0080 Date is not set (Set the date and time (RTC))
0100 RTC Battery low (Replace the battery, and reset the RTC)
0200 Paper feed roller life (over 75,000 sheets) (Reset the ASF counter)

Error Codes (Service)
00000088 RTC (Real Time Clock) data is corrupted
00000101 Carriage Motor life (Reset Carriage Motor Counter, check for leaky ink tubes)
00000103 RTC (Real Time Clock) battery is defective
00000105 Print Head end of life (Inspect print head and reset head counter)
00010000 Paper Feed Motor encoder check error (Check Sensor and Timing Disk)
00010001 Paper Feed Motor out of step
00010002 Paper Feed Motor overcurrent (Check for mechanical binding of the feed rollers / motor)
00010003 Paper Feed Motor in-position time-out
00010004 Carriage Motor encoder check error (Check sensor and Timing Disk)
00010005 Carriage Motor out of step
00010006 Carriage Motor overcurrent (Check for mechanical binding, If not replace motor)
00010007 Carriage Motor in-position time-out
00010008 Servo interrupt watchdog time-out
00010009 System interrupt watchdog time-out
0001000A Carriage home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
0001000C Platen Gap home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
0001000F Carriage Motor PWM output faulty
00010010 Paper Feed Motor PWM output faulty
0001001B Head driver (TG) temperature error 
0001001D Carriage servo parameter error
0001001E Paper feed servo parameter error
00010020 CSIC read / write error
00010022 Ink type error 

00010023 RTC (Real Time Clock) (Reset RTC)
00010025 CSIC ROM communication error
00010026 RTC (Real Time Clock) communication error
00010028 Head error
00010029 Unidentified NMI
0001002A Carriage ASIC ECU error
0001002B Paper feed ASIC ECU error
0001002D Cleaning Unit end of life
0001002F 360 DPI writing time out error
00010030 Multi Sensor failure (1. Check sensor, 2. calibrate sensor, 3. replace sensor)
00010031 ASF (Auto Sheet Feeder) home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
00010032 ASF (Auto Sheet Feeder) Drive Switch error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
00010033 Exit Roller home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
00010034 Eject Roller lifted (Customer Safety Sensor on the eject roller)
00010035 Pump Home Position Error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)
00010036 Type B 1394 (Firewire) board installation (Remove Firewire Card / not allowed)
00010037 Print Head thermistor error
00010038 Head Driver thermistor error
00010039 PG adjustment value NVRAM error
0001003A PG adjustment value NVRAM error
0001003B Carriage Lock / Cutter Error
0001003C Carriage Lock / Cutter Error
0001003D Carriage Lock / Cutter Error
00020000 NVRAM error
00020002 SDRAM error
00020003 BOOT program SUM error
00020009 Flash memory SUM error
0002000A Program load error
0002000B Internal memory shortage error
0002000C Review error
100000E0 CPU address error (load misalignment)
10000100 CPU address error (storage misalignment)
10000180 CPU reserve command code exception error
100001A0 CPU slot illegal command exception error
100001C0 AC disruption (AC Power) (Unplug and wait 30 sec., then plug back in)
100005C0 CPU DMA address error
0003xxxxx – 
0Dxxxxxxx CPU error

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your post is very helpfull, but i have an error that`s say ``reload paper`` and the printer stop there , any opinion about how to reset the error?

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