Melco G2 Initial Powerup


g2 powerup warning

  1. The main power switch is on the Printer Control Panel (top LCD display shown below).

g2 powerup 1

  1. Press the power button on the Printer Control Panel to turn the printer on.

g2 powerup 2

The LCD display will read PLEASE WAIT while the printer is initializing.

Note: The NON GENUINE messages will display.  This must be cleared before the printer can complete initialization.  Click here to learn how to clear this message.  You will need to clear this message each time you power up your printer.

  1. Once the NON GENUINE message has been cleared, the LCD display will read READY.

g2 powerup 3

  1. When the printer display reads READY perform (2) Normal Cleaning Cycles by pressing and holding the Menu Button for 3 - 4 seconds.  Each normal clean will take about 5 minutes.  Once the first normal clean is complete, perform the second normal cleaning cycle.
  1. After the normal cleaning cycles, the printer will say "READY", press the green button. (This is only required for some older G2 models)
    g2 powerup 4

  1. The platen will move in to the home position located under the print bay and the green button will turn off.

  1. The LCD display will read READY, now you need to verify the "paper type" setting:

There are three settings to choose from:

    • Paper Roll

    • Scissors
    • Paper Sheet

Press the left button on the LCD display until the "Roll" sign is displayed (see below).

g2 powerup 5

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