Installing Epson Drivers for the Melco G2


g2 drivers caution


  1.  Connect your MelcoJet to your computer

Connect your MelcoJet to your printer using a USB cable from your computer to the printer, but do not turn the printer on. If the printer is powered on while connected to the, Windows may attempt to find and install drivers. The drivers found might not be the appropriate ones for your printer.

  1.  Insert Driver CD into your computers CD/DVD drive

The following installation screen will appear.

  1.  Select "Stylus Pro 4880"

  1.  Select "Set up the printer via local connection" 

  1.  Accept or Decline the License Agreement 

  1.  Allow the install wizard to finish installation of files 

The installation wizard will now install all of the necessary drivers.  As long as your MelcoJet is connected to your computer during installation of the drivers, the install wizard will automatically assign the printer port for your MelcoJet.

  1.  Turn on Printer
    A window will pop up explaining that the printer needs to be on and connected. Turn on the printer. The program will search for the printer and automatically configure the port.

  1.  Printer Port Set by Install Wizard

Once setup has finished, it will tell you what port your MelcoJet is printing from.  It is not necessary to write this information down as it can be found under the properties for the printer in your "printer and faxes" window on your computer.

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