Cleaning the Wiper on the Melco G2


g2 maintenance 1

The Wiper acts as a squeegee cleaning the bottom of the Print Head and Nozzles as it passes over the Wiper during the cleaning cycles. It is very important to keep the Wiper clean and free of heavy ink deposits. A contaminated Wiper can smear ink deposits from the Wiper edge into the Print Head Nozzles during the cleaning cycles which may clog the Nozzles resulting in restricted ink output. Keeping the Wiper free from ink deposits will maintain the intended pliable condition as well.

  1. Release the Print Head Carriage from the parked position.

  1. Clean the Wiper with a cleaning applicator dampened with cleaning solution. Scrub the top edge and the sides of the Wiper to remove all ink deposits from its  working surface. It is best to carefully position the clear plastic splash guard to the side to allow full access to the Wiper when performing this cleaning operation to allow the full length of the Wiper to be cleaned on both sides.

g2 wiper

  1. Once the Wiper is clean and free of ink deposits reposition the splash guard as it was before.

  2. Return the Print Head Carriage to the parked position and close the lid if no other cleaning is to be completed at this time.

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