DTG Kiosk Weekly Maintenance


DTG Weekly Maintenance


  1. Clean the wiper with cleaning solution or window cleaning fluid and cotton swab or paper towel 
  2. DTG troubleshooting
  3. Clean capping station - pay special attention to cotton fibers around the edges of the cap area can be done with cotton swab, paper towel or soft cloth (again - use cleaning solution or window cleaning solution) 
  4. DTG troubleshooting
  5. Inspect waste pad - replace or turn over if needed 
  6. DTG troubleshooting
  7. Inspect encoder strip & clean as needed (be sure to clean from control panel side towards opposite side) 
  8. DTG troubleshooting
  9. Fill capping station with cleaning solution or window cleaning liquid and press INK FILL button to empty 
  10. DTG troubleshooting
  11. Clean inside of bed (especially sides) with window cleaning solution and paper towel.

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