DTG Kiosk Preparing for an Extended Shutdown


Transporting or Storing Your Printer

It is extremely important you observe the following before transporting or an extended shutdown of your DTG Kiosk.

Preparing the Printer for Transportation

If the printer is to be transported over a long distance, and/or by a common carrier (where you cannot control the "care" with which the printer is transported) it is best to flush the printer of ink to avoid the possibility of ink spills and the ink drying in the print head.

(1) Fill the middle "flush" bulk ink bottle with flushing / cleaning solution (available from your DTG Agent / Dealer)

(2) Remove the cover from the Ink Valve Compartment. TUrn all of the ink valves so that they are in the correct position for sending flush solution through to the print head.

(3) Empty the bulk ink bottles (pour the contents back into the originally supply bottles, or other clean bottles, for later use), wash / scrub them and then rinse them with distilled water.

(4) Ensure that the Waste Ink Bottle is empty.

(5) Press and hold the Ink Fill button from the Control Panel to start charging the ink lines with flush solution. Once you observe that the ink lines and dampers are clear of ink, release the Ink Fill button. You'll need to monitor the levels of the both the Waste Ink Bottle (don't let it fill) and the bottle which contains the flushing solution (don't let it get empty).

(6) Cloes the Valve Compartment cover and the printer cover.

(7) Turn the printer off using the Power button on the Control Panel - the print head should lock at the far right side of the printer as part of the shut down process.

(8) Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Then disconnect the printer cable from printer to computer.

(9) Remove any objects from the Printing Bed (Garment Holder)

(10) Tape the ink damper holder to the printer case using tape. Then close the printer cover.

(11) Use the angle brackets that came with the unit and secure the Printing Bed in place on both sides. This is VERY important.

(12) Repack the printer in the box it was shipped in. If you are returning the printer for repair you do not need to include the USB cable, printer drivers or Height Adjustment Guide. You should include the power cord.

(13) Try to keep the printer level while transporting it.

(14) Remember that when using any common carrier, the printer is the responsibility of both you and the carrier until it is received in good condition at your DTG Dealer / Agent office. Always insure the printer for its full value in case of a mishap.

Preparing the Printer for an Extended Shutdown / Storage

If the printer is not to be used for an extended period of time (more than 1-2 weeks), we recommend that you thoroughly flush the printer of all ink to avoid the possibility of ink drying out in the Ink System (ink tubes, valves, dampers, & print head):

(1) Turn the Power button on the Control Panel off, but leave the printer connected to mains power. 

(2) Pour the inks from each of the ink bottles at the rear of the printer back into the bottles that they were originally supplied from. Use a piece of scrap fabric to wipe excess ink from each of the ink tubes as they are removed from each of the ink bottles.

(3) Thoroughly wash and rinse each of the bottles from the rear of the printer (you may need to use a small brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub each bottle to ensure that it is free of the old ink).

(4) Fill each ink bottle to approximately 1/3 full with distilled / demineralised / purified water. Re-attach the caps / ink tubes to the ink bottles. 

(5) Ensure that the waste ink bottle is empty - please check the waste ink bottle regularly during this procedure.

(6) Remove the top blue cover from the printer - there are 3 Philips head screws holding it on, 1 each on the left and right front, and another at the rear on the opposite side to the ink bottles. You are doing this so that you can fully observe the cleanliness of the ink lines as the flushing procedure is carried out.

(7) Press and hold the INK FILL button - you need to hold it for a long period of time while the ink from the ink tubes is purged and the distilled water flows through the system. Don't forget to check the waste ink bottle regularly so that it does not overflow.

(8) While the distilled water is flowing through, please message the ink tubes around the ink tube joiners which are located near the valves. These joiners are reducing joiners, allowing the connection of the larger tubing from the valves to the smaller ink supply tubing. You need to massage these areas to free up any ink that may have collected near the joiners.

(9) Please also monitor the levels of water in each of the ink bottles so that they do not run dry.

(10) Once you are satisfied that the ink tubes are completely purged of the old ink, stop the ink fill process. Dispose of any remaining fluid from the ink bottles.

(11) Fill each ink bottle to approximately 1/3 full with cleaning / flushing solution. Re-attach the caps / ink tubes to the ink bottles.

(12) Repeat steps 7 - 10 above.

(13) You now need to complete a final flush with distilled water - please repeat steps 3 and 7 to 10 above. The distilled water can be safely left in the Ink Lines.

(14) Turn all Ink Valves to the off position.

(15) Replace the top blue cover to the DTG Kiosk.

(16) Cover the DTG Kiosk and observe the recommended Environmental Conditions as outlined in the user manual.

(17) Observe the Inks handling and storage guidelines as outlined in the user manual. When you are ready to use your DTG Kiosk again, please follow the Printer Setup and Ink Filling guidelines as set out in the user manual.

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