Image Armor Dark Shirt Pretreatment 55 Gallon Drum

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Before Use:

♦ You DO NOT need to mix down Image Armor. It is ready to use (RTU) right out of the container.
♦ Always SHAKE the container before using or pouring into your pretreatment machine container.
♦ When returning unused pretreatment from a machine, strain it to ensure no fibers or dirt, dust, contaminants are in the solution. A clean solution keeps you happy


When applying pretreatment to the garment, make sure to apply it as evenly as possible (mechanical pretreatment machines are the best).

- Depending on the shirt being pretreated there are some variables to consider on how much to apply. A good starting point is 15-18 grams per 14″x14″ area.

- NOTE: 18-26 grams may provide you with better washability and white optical brightness. This is opposite of what other manufacturers recommend.

- Test to find your best laydown for the garment you are pretreating.

- The heaver the garment, the higher the amount of pretreatment needed.

- The darker the color, the more pretreatment is required.

- The lighter the weight of the shirt, you can usually reduce the amount of fluid applied to the garment.

- The lighter the color of the shirt, less pretreatment is usually required.

Always use a high quality garment that is ring-spun with a tight knit weave. The smoother and tighter the weave, the better your final DTG print.Curing:

Pretreatment Consumption Numbers - How long will a gallon last?

Curing Shirts with Image Armor Dark Shirt Pretreatment:


Set your heat press to 330F

Cure time:

30 seconds.
If after 30 seconds there is still moisture on the shirt, re-press in 10 second intervals to ensure garment is completely dry.

Pressure setting:
You don’t need a lot of pressure. Use light to medium pressure to start. Heavier pressure can be used if required.

It is suggested to utilize a teflon sheet, coated Kraft paper or parchment paper when pressing the pretreatment dry.

DO NOT allow cover sheet to remain on garment after pressing or crystallization can occur as pretreatment vapors cool.



MSDS for Image Armor E-series Inks



Image Armor Inks are Oeko-Tex Eco Passport Certified

It is another step forward for the Image Armor line of DTG inks. Our entire line of direct to garment printing inks are now officially Eco Passport Certified. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry. During a multistep process, our DTG inks were analyzed as to whether each individual ingredient in the chemical product meets the statutory requirements and that it is not harmful to human health. The ECO PASSPORT stamp of approval is an extremely valuable certification and is used as credible proof of sustainable textile and leather production. 


Instructions for the Image Armor Dark Shirt Pretreatment 55 Gallon Drum

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