Pretreatment Consumption Numbers


OK, hypothetically based my studies these were the numbers I came up with for Pretreatment Consumption

On our Lawson automatic pre-treat machine , 34 grams of pretreat product per 100% coverage 16” x 22” (352 sq in) full front garment pre-treatment provided good washability of the tested garments .

With that metric here are some facts & assumptions:

1 liter =1000 grams water weight plus the weight of dissolved solids/salts
1 pound is 454 grams
1 gallon of the pretreat should weigh around 8.5 pounds 


I liter of pretreat will theoretically treat 34/1000 = 29.41 100% coverage 16” x 22” full front garment pre-treatments.

To address your left chest question if you can control PT deposit on that small an area 6x6=36 sq in would theoretically be 36/352 sq in= 12.67 %.  12.67% of 34 grams= 4.30 grams/1000 or 232 (36 sq in) left chest images per liter of pretreatment.  Expand that to a gallon and you have 3.77 l per gallon x 232 images

for a whopping theoretical 875 left chest pre-treats per gallon

These yields would only be obtainable in a high volume shop under very controlled conditions with a precision automatic pre-treatment machine.

We currently consume as much pre-treat product- maybe more- than we put on the shirts, charging and flushing the equipment

The amount of white ink consumed would be a function of the artwork not the pretreat.

Hope this confuses you a bit more, I’ll deny it all under oath 


Greg Kitson


Mind's Eye Graphics, Inc.

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