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EasyWeed Sub Block - Defying Dye Migration for Crisp Results!

EasyWeed Sub Block applies to

Sublimated Polyester 100% Polyester
Sublimated Polyester 100% Polyester

When you apply regular HTV to sublimated garments, you risk encountering an unwanted issue known as "dye migration." Dye migration occurs when the sublimation inks from the fabric bleed into the heat transfer vinyl, altering its color. Say goodbye to those worries with EasyWeed Sub Block. This specially formulated vinyl is your solution for achieving a pristine end product!

But its versatility doesn't stop there. You can layer other Siser® materials on top, allowing you to create vibrant, multi-dimensional designs that stand out!

  • Thickness: 110 Microns / 4.3 Mils
  • Composition: Polyurethane (PU)