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E-Zee Cap® Tear Away embroidery stabilizers are cut specifically to fit within Cap Frames and are easy to tear. Ideal for structured caps that are hooped on round cap frames. Cap Tear Away stabilizers provide stability during the embroidery process. When torn away, little to no excess stabilizer remains. All are available in white, with some options available in black. Hooped properly, cap stabilizers provide a smooth surface to embroider on, resulting in clean and crisp designs. The use of two pieces can be beneficial for hard-to-hoop caps by adding extra stability when embroidering. Steaming caps prior to hooping helps soften the center seem, making it easier to hoop flat. Using a sharp point needle is best for woven caps. Needle breaks can be prevented with the use of a titanium or #80/12 standard eye needle. Designs for caps should be digitized to stitch from the center out and from the bottom of the cap to the top. This will prevent “flagging” or folding over of the fabric during the embroidery process. Underlay may be necessary to “tame” the most difficult of fabrics. Always digitize designs by section for better alignment. The type of fabric and the design’s size will determine the weight of the cap embroidery stabilizer needed.