How to Grease The Rail On The Embroidery Machine Head

Osman Bayrak

What tools do I need to clean and lubricate my Embroidery Machine?

Tools and Supplies

Your best embroidery machine-cleaning tool is an air compressor. Canned air is helpful, but an air compressor is the best. Make sure your air compressor filters out moisture; you don't want to blow water into your machine.

• A Swiffer Duster (or similar product) is perfect for trapping and holding dust. These flexible dusters are great for getting into small, awkward places and best of all, the duster is disposable.

• A multipurpose spray cleaner, safe for plastics and metals.

• Paper towels, clean, lint-free rags, a small lint brush (one usually comes with an embroidery machine).

• A spray greaser/oil remover such as C-60 by Sprayway.

• Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.

• Tools, including assorted screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.