How to Grease Behind the Head of An Embroidery Machine

Osman Bayrak

How do you grease behind the embroidery head on a commercial embroidery machine?

The best way is to watch a training video like this on greasing behind the head on a commercial embroidery machine, however cleaning and lubricating your machine will go a long way toward keeping it running smoothly. But don't wait to do it once a year. Most of the cleaning should be done once a week or more. If you're sewing towels, you'll have a much larger buildup of lint in your hook and bobbin case much more rapidly than other fabrics. The machines need oil to run properly; however, oil and dirt combined can make quite an abrasive.  The maintenance procedure for greasing your Tajima, SWF, HAPPY, Melco and Toyota embroidery machine might be a little different, just make sure you make the time to do it.