Monthly and Yearly Maintenance on the Texjet ShorTee Garment Printer



The monthly maintenance has to be performed at least once a month. Some parts have to be observed for their proper operation and cleaned if necessary.

1. The printer must be ON and on Home screen.

2. Use a cross screwdriver to turn on the maintenance gear counterclockwise to release the print head

shortee maint 10

3. Move to the direction of the arrow until you can move the print head by hand.

shortee maint 11

Note: If you turn the gear too much to the left, then the wiper will move out not allowing the easy print head release. If this happens turn the gear to the right until the wiper moves in and the head can move out.

Scale CR:

The Scale CR is a thin film which contains the encoding information for the Print head movement. This part might get dirty from dust or excess of ink during printing.

To clean it, use a lint free paper and isopropyl alcohol. Repeat it until no dirt or ink comes out of it on the paper.

Print head surface:

The dried out ink on the Print head surface below has to be removed for proper operation. This part gets dirty during printing and after long printing operation from excess of ink.

To clean it you must use a swab or lint free paper with cleaner. If necessary move the tray back to have easier access on the Print head surface bellow. Clean only he area around the Print head as shown in the picture bellow in blue. The shiny area that mirrors should not been touched or scratched (red).

The Print head shouldn’t remain longer than 15 minutes out of the capping station since there is a danger to damage it.

Carriage movement area and shaft:

To clean it, use a lint free paper and isopropyl alcohol. Clean the carriage movement shaft and all the carriage area from dried out ink. Use a lubricant without silicones (like WD40) to lubricate the shaft.

After having finished with the maintenance procedure, move the print head manually to its parking position (far right position).

shortee maint 14

Open and close the cartridge cover. This will initiate a checking process and will lock the print head to its locking position. Now you can switch OFF the printer.

shortee maint 15

6 Month and 1 Year Maintenance

Every 6 months

The 6 month maintenance has to be performed to ensure good condition of the ink cartridges. Check the cartridges for any residue and clean them if necessary.

Every Year

At least once per year the ink in the bulk ink cartridges has to be refreshed completely. This is to ensure good condition of the ink in the bulk ink cartridges. Take out and clean all the cartridges from the remaining ink. Finish printing the remaining ink first before removing any of its leftover quantities. Clean thoroughly all cartridges and valves from the remaining or the dried out ink. Remove any residue and replace broken parts. Fill in the cartridges with fresh ink and put them back to the printer slots.

Draining the system

In the case that you need to leave the printer idle without printing for a long period of time, it is recommended to drain the whole ink route with cleaner solution using a new set of cartridges. Ink charges have to be performed until no ink has been left inside. The ink charge should be done only by a certified technician. This way you can ensure that the print head will be clog-free. It might be necessary that the ink system supply has to be replaced during or after this process. The whole procedure is putting an additional load to the worn out dampers of the ink system.

Shaking the cartridges

Every day before using the printer, the user must remove and shake the cartridges.

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