What is the recommended OILING PROCEDURE?

Osman Bayrak
Reasons and Solutions:

Oiling is essential for every machine to function properly and to keep your machine in good condition. There are two main areas to oil on a regular basis: the rotary hook and the main reservoir. The recommendations below are based on actual production use of the machine. For instance, oiling the Rotary Hook is recommended for every 4 hours of production. That does not mean to oil the hook twice a day if you are NOT actively using the machine. Applying too much oil can cause problems.

Oiling the Rotary Hook
For every 4 hours of production, 1 drop of oil should be placed in the Rotary Hook.

1) Remove the bobbin case before oiling.
2) Place 1 drop of oil on the bottom of the Rotary Hook, see picture below:
3) After oiling the hook and with the bobbin case still removed, press the trim button once. This will spread the oil evenly on the rotary hook. 

Main Reservoir
For every 8 hours of production, 2-3 drops of oil should be placed in the main reservoir.

Multi-Head Machines
Oil the three red oil spots on the cylinder arms with 6 to 10 drops of oil twice a day (approximately every 100,000 stitches) (#4, #3)

Heavily Used Machines
It may be necessary to put two drops of oil on heavily used needle bars weekly (approximately every 1 million stitches). To do this, simply place a drop of oil through the slot of the needle lever and onto the spring just inside.

Note: The self-oiling system will make the regular head assembly oiling process easier, but will not eliminate regular oiling. If you fill the "oil wells" to the red line they will leak. However, if you follow the guideline stated above you will eliminate the likelihood of oil challenges and be able to take advantage of the automatic oiling capability by using one spot to oil (which oils the head assembly including needle case, reciprocator and cams) rather than several.