Copy a design to disk LCD

Osman Bayrak

Question: How do I copy a file from the machine memory to a floppy disk?

Using the LCD Controller:

  1. Press the INPUT button (F1)
  2. Press the OUTPUT button (F2)
  3. Press the FLOPPY button (F1)
  4. Use the LEFT ARROW (F1), UP ARROW (F2), DOWN ARROW (F3) and RIGHT ARROW (F4) buttons to highlight the desired design.
  5. Press the SELECT button (F7)
  6. You will be given the option of choosing the SWF button (F1) or the TAJIMA button (F2).
  7. For this example press the TAJIMA button (F2).
  8. After the design has completed being copied to the floppy disk, press the PREVIOUS button (F8).