Change the colors shown on your LCD screen to match those in your design

Osman Bayrak
Usually the most used colors are on the machine, Red, Black, White, Navy,
Emerald, Gray, Yellow, or Athletic Gold, and usually another jewel tone or
earth tone. But on the newer machines that have the LCD display, you have a
pallete which you can set up to reflect the colors that are on your machine. If
you go to SETTING, NEEDLE SETTING, you have the top portion where you assign your color changes for the design you are sewing, below that you have a needle convert which nobody uses, and below that you will see 15 color squares that are your pallete. these can be set to reflect the colors you have on your machine so
you do not have to look at the thread tree and count what needle a specific
color is on.
Also it is a good tool to use where if you press the SIMULATION button, you can
see in 3D what the design will look like with the color changes you set. To set
this palette simply go to SETTING, and then go down to NEEDLE SETTING, and then hit your don arrow to NEEDLE COLORS, once there simply press the SET button and a color wheel will come up and then using your arrow buttons you simply move the cursor in the color wheel to match the color you have on that needle.
But on the older machines you have the LED type display which does not have this needle palette. So I usually put the standard use all the time threads on there,
then use the other remaining needles for specialty color to be used for a specific design