Anajet Level Table correct fuzzy Prints


Diagnosis: When printing, the print appears correct on one side and fuzzy on another side or corner.

Solution: You will need a level to make sure that all four corners of the Print Table are the same
distance from the Carriage Bar.

anajet level table

To measure this, place your Gauge Block on the top of your Print Table  and make sure that all four corners are equal distance from the Carriage Bar.

To level the Print Table, you will need a 9/64 allen wrench to loosen the screws on the bottom of the Print Table. Then you will need a phillips screwdriver to turn the screws on the top of the Print Table to raise or lower the Print
Table. Please note that the Print Table screws have lock tight on them and you will have to break this first for them to turn. Once you have turned the screws, check with level to make sure the Print Table is level. Once level, tighten the allen screws on the bottom to hold the Print Table.

If your printed image has overspray around the edges there are two things to look for. The first thing to do is to check the Print Table height. Use the Gauge Block to set the distance from the Print Table to the Chrome Carriage Rod to make sure that the Print Table is not too low.

The second thing that can produce overspray is using a light drop size. Since the light drop size is physically lighter than the bigger drop sizes they can possibly drift while firing, producing overspray. If a particular image is giving you trouble, increase the ink drop size, but keep in mind that you will need to lower the ink level to retain the same ink saturation.

Example of ink overspray:


Ink for Anajet Sprint 

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