Anajet Frozen at do not turn off error


If when sending a print job to the printer, and before pressing the Print Button, the Control Panel LCD
reads “DO NOT TURN OFF” (Fig. 1) and does not go away within a few minutes and appears to be frozen,
this is the result of a scheduled Auto Maintenance attempting to initialize concurrently with the
attempted print job. Additionally, this could also occur if the RESET SERVICE COUNT is nearly
approaching the print engine maximum reset value and is interrupted by a scheduled Auto

anajet sprint error
To resolve this, we need to restart
the AnaJet SPRINT Printer.

First, power down the printer at the rear power switch, then access
the print queue by going to the computer’s Control Panel and then
to Printers and Faxes (or just Printers in Windows Vista®). Open the
AnaJet SPRINT Printer print queue by double-clicking the AnaJet
SPRINT Printer icon. The print queue will appear as below. (Fig. 1a)

anajet sprint error2

You will see all pending print jobs for the AnaJet. To clear the print queue, select “Printer” and then click
“Cancel All Documents”. (Fig. 1b)

anajet sprint error3

You will then be asked to confirm canceling all documents, click “Yes”. (Fig. 1c)

anajet sprint error4

The print queue should now be clear of any pending documents and appear as below. (Fig. 1d)

anajet sprint error5

Now power the printer back up by first turning on the rear power switch, followed by pressing the

Power Key on the Control Panel. The printer will now start up normally.

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