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Siser® x Creative Fabrica - FREE All Access Subscription FAQ

Catherine Sangiovanni

Siser® x Creative Fabrica - Frequently Asked Questions about FREE All Access Subscription

Siser® and Creative Fabrica have joined forces to bring an exciting offer to Romeo® and Juliet® users: a complimentary 1-year All Access subscription!

You likely have questions such as "What does this offer entail?" and "How do I claim it?" Fear not! This blog post will address these queries and more. Let's dive into the most pressing questions!


What is Creative Fabrica? If you're not familiar with Creative Fabrica, it's a vast online platform providing creators access to over 15 million fonts, graphics, classes, and other digital resources, all with commercial licenses. The All Access subscription offers unlimited access to every asset, catering to both novice crafters and industry professionals.

What's the deal? For a limited time, Romeo and Juliet owners can enjoy a free 1-year All Access subscription, granting them access to all 15 million+ assets and resources on!

How do I claim my FREE 1 Year All Access subscription? To claim your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your Romeo or Juliet serial number through the “Siser Cutter” tab in Leonardo or find the sticker on the cutter's underside.
  2. Visit and click "Try All Access Now (For Just $59)."
  3. Purchase the All Access Yearly subscription as usual.
  4. Fill out the Rebate Form on the provided link to claim your cashback. Creative Fabrica will review the information and issue a refund within a few business days.

How long is this offer available? This offer is valid until May 31st, 2024.

Is this offer available for new/existing cutter owners? Yes, this offer is open to all Romeo and Juliet owners, whether new or existing. Registration with Siser is the only requirement.

Do I need Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro to claim this offer? No, ownership of Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro is not necessary. Having a registered Romeo or Juliet cutter qualifies you for the offer.

Is this offer only available in the US? No, the offer is international. The cost and reimbursement will be adjusted to your local currency.

How long does it take to get reimbursement? Reimbursement, handled by Creative Fabrica, is estimated to be completed within 5 business days.

Not received reimbursement after 5 business days? Contact for support.

Are designs/fonts royalty-free? While designs aren't royalty-free, the All Access subscription includes commercial licenses, allowing you to use them for designs and products you sell.

Have a question not answered here? It's time to unleash your creativity! Claim your FREE All Access subscription today and enjoy 366 days of unlimited inspiration in this leap year!

Both Team Siser and Creative Fabrica are thrilled to celebrate this partnership and offer, providing an unprecedented opportunity to unlock your creative potential with the power of Romeo and Juliet and the versatility of Leonardo Design Studio.