Roland DGA Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Devices at Impressions Expo 2024

Roland DGA Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Devices at Impressions Expo 2024

Sean Krueger

The energy was palpable at the Roland DGA booth during the recent Impressions Expo 2024 held in Long Beach, California from January 19-21. Attendees were treated to a showcase of the latest and most innovative digital devices that Roland DGA has to offer. From desktop printers to UV flatbed printers, the booth was abuzz with excitement as visitors explored the groundbreaking technologies on display.

VersaSTUDIO Desktop Devices Steal the Spotlight

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of the new VersaSTUDIO desktop devices, with the BY-20 direct-to-film printer and the next-generation BN2 Series printer/cutters taking center stage. Attendees were captivated by the innovative capabilities demonstrated throughout the Expo. These devices showcased Roland DGA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital printing technology.

VersaSTUDIO BD-8 and VersaOBJECT MO-240

Roland DGA also introduced its newest product customization machines at Impressions Expo 2024 – the VersaSTUDIO BD-8 desktop UV printer and VersaOBJECT MO-240 UV flatbed printer. These machines promise to revolutionize product customization with their advanced features and versatility. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to witness these cutting-edge devices in action, gaining a firsthand look at the future of UV printing technology.

TrueVIS Series Inkjets on Display

The popular TrueVIS Series inkjets, including the SG3-eco-solvent printer/cutter and MG-300 UV printer/cutter, were proudly displayed at the Roland DGA booth. These inkjet printers showcased the brand's dedication to providing high-quality and efficient printing solutions. Visitors were able to witness the impressive capabilities of these inkjets and explore their potential applications in various industries.

Impressions Expo 2024 was a resounding success for Roland DGA, as they showcased their latest digital devices that are set to redefine the printing landscape. From desktop printers to UV flatbed printers, the brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions for product customization and personalization. As Roland DGA continues to lead the way in digital printing technology, the Impressions Expo served as a testament to their commitment to excellence and pushing the industry forward.