Yearly Maintenance on your Melco G3 Garment Printer


Every six months, the condition of the valves and openings on the bulk ink cartridges must be inspected and possibly cleaned. These valves, openings, and cartridge must be cleaned every twelve months. It is recommended to clean all the cartridges once per year and remove any remaining ink before refilling them with fresh ink.

As this procedure will dispose of the inks in the cartridges, it is best to print the majority of ink before beginning this procedure. Do this when the ink levels are low.

  1. Remove the rubber seals from all the cartridges. Be careful to avoid spilling any ink on printer parts.
  2. After the air pressure is released, you may safely remove the cartridges from the printer.
  3. Reinstall the rubber seal and turn the cartridge on end to easily access the front valve.
  4. Slide the plastic cover to the side and remove it.

    slide cover

  5. Carefully remove the rubber valve. Use caution as the valve is positioned atop a pressurized metal spring and small ball.

    remove valve

  6. Carefully remove the ball and spring.

    remove ball

    remove spring

  7. Clean the valve, ball, and spring with a small portion of cleaning solution. Let them air dry. Be sure to not lose any of these components as they are vital for the proper functioning of the cartridge.
  8. Now remove the remaining ink from inside the cartridge. For proper ink flow, please remove the rubber seal.
  9. After the remaining ink has been removed, run distilled water through the cartridge so that all the ink route in the cartridge can get clean. After the cartridge is clean, leave it to air dry.
  10. Once all the components have dried, they may be reassembled. Begin by reinserting the spring.
  11. Place the small ball on top of the spring.
  12. Install the rubber valve with the conical indention facing out of the cartridge. Make sure that the ball stays on top of the spring and the rubber valve is fully inserted.
  13. Slide the plastic cover back into place.
  14. Fill the cartridges with fresh ink and reinsert the rubber seal.
  15. Insert the cartridges back into the printer.

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