Using the Refillable Ink Cartridges on your Melco G3 Garment Printer


The Melco G3 uses refillable 160ml cartridges. These cartridges will need to be filled with the appropriate ink prior to inserting them into the printer. Note: white ink cartridges should be vigorously shaken for 3-5 seconds before use and weekly.

Filling the Ink Cartridges

  1. Remove the rubber seal from the supply hole in the cartridge.

    g3 ink 1

  2. Use the funnel provided with the printer to fill the cartridge with its respective ink. It is advised that the ink level does not exceed 90% of the maximum capacity marked on the label.

    g3 ink 2

  3. After filling the cartridge, replace the rubber seal and ensure that it is fully inserted.

    g3 ink 3

  4. Completely remove the air supply rubber seal.

    g3 ink 4

  5. The cartridge is now filled and ready to insert into the printer.

 Inserting the Ink Cartridges into the Printer

 Ink cartridges must be inserted into the appropriate bays for the printer to print colors and underbases appropriately. The correct placement for the ink cartridges is as follows.

Bay 1

Bay 2

Bay 3

Bay 4

Bay 5

Bay 6

Bay 7

Bay 8

Bay 9










To install the ink cartridges,

  1. Lift the ink cartridge cover.

    g3 ink 5

  2. Slide each cartridge into the appropriate bay as shown above. Slide into place until you hear a click.

    g3 ink 6

  3. The ink cartridge(s) is now in place and the cover may be closed

Removing the Ink Cartridges

To remove the ink cartridges from the printer,

  1. Lift the ink cartridge cover.

    g3 ink 7

  2. Remove the rubber seal from the supply hole in the cartridge. (See step 1 from 160ml cartridges)
  3. Push the release button for the ink cartridge to be removed.

    g3 ink 8

  4. Gently pull the ink cartridge away from the printer and free of the bay.

    g3 ink 9

  5. Replace the rubber seal in the supply hole.

Replacing Ink Cartridge Chips

Should a chip on an ink cartridge cease to function, it can be replaced using the following steps.

  1. Detach the removable part on the top of the refillable cartridge that holds the Auto Reset Chip (ARC) using an object with a sharp edge.

    g3 ink 10

  2. Remove the original chip from the original cartridge (of the same respective color).

    g3 ink 11

  3. Install the original Epson chip in its dedicated place on the refillable cartridge.

    g3 ink 12

  4. Attach the removable part that holds the ARC on top of the original Epson chip.

    g3 ink 13

The auto-reset chip resets itself. The user only has to release the cartridge via the release button and then put it back inside. The respective icon on the display showing the ink level should be full.

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