Unpacking and setting up your Melco G3 Garment Printer


Printer Location

The location of the printer can impact print quality as well as ease of use. When selecting a location for the Melco G3, consider the following.

Is the surface level and stable?

The surface on which the printer sets should be able to support the full weight of the printer (approximately 175lbs) and a table that can support more is much preferred. The surface should be at least 28" x 26" (71cm x 66cm) and level. The printer will not operate properly if it is tilted or at an angle.

Is the height comfortable?

Does the surface place the printer at a height that is comfortable for you. You will need to easily interact with the printer control panel, the table control panel, and the table (where garments are loaded).

Is there enough space?

You will need room to move around the machine and reach all sides of the printer. The front of the machine must have enough room for the table to extend out and for you to load a garment to be printed.

Avoid drafts such as fans or open windows.

The Melco G3 prints by dropping tiny droplets of ink onto the garment surface. Should there be a strong enough air movement, it could displace the ink droplets before they contact the garment surface. The could potentially lead to poor print quality or a slightly blurry image.

Is the area well lit?

It is important to have a well-lit work area, but avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect the sensors as well as the ink.

Is the area climate controlled?

It is important to keep your printer in a climate controlled area. Rapid or extreme changes in temperature or humidity can affect the inks and print quality. Please keep your printer in an area with a temperature between 50°-95°F (10°-35°C) and a relative humidity or 40-80% non-condensing.

Is the area clean?

Your printer needs to be located in an area that is relatively free of dust and debris.

Is there a power outlet easily accessible?

It is important that your printer is near a secure and grounded power outlet. Also minimize the risks of power interruption by avoiding long extension cords and preventing them from becoming a trip hazard.


Unpacking the Printer

Caution - Do not dispose of the shipping materials. These will be required should the machine need to be shipped back to Melco for any reason. Two people are required for lifting the printer.

  1. Remove the lid from the box.

    g3 unpacking 1

  2. Remove the accessories box.

    g3 unpacking 2

  3. Remove the packing materials from the long sides of the box.

    g3 unpacking 3

  4. Then remove them from the short sides of the box.

    g3 unpacking 4

  5. Carefully lift the sides of the box up and away from the printer.

    g3 unpacking 5

  6. Lift the printer from the shipping base and onto the cart.
    Two people are required for lifting printer.

Removing the Shipping Fixture

Caution - Do not throw away the shipping fixture. It will be needed for any future transportation of the printer.

The shipping fixture and securing tape will need to be removed before the printer is powered up or used in any way.

You will need the following tools to remove the shipping fixture:

  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • Pliers

To remove the shipping fixture:

  1. Remove all tape from the printer housing.
  2. Remove the yellow safety bar that keeps the tray steady during transportation.

    g3 shipping

    1. Remove the screw attaching the fixture to the base of the printer (#1).
    2. Manually pull the table slowly forward and out of the printer.
    3. Remove the screw attaching the fixture to the table tray (#2).
    4. When finished, replace the screw in the base of the printer (#1).
    5. Replace the screw and nut in the fixture so as not to lose it during storage.

Leveling the Printer

You will need to level the printer using the four leveling feet on the bottom of the machine

The following tools are needed to level the printer:

  • Adjustable (Crescent) Wrench
  • 9" or 12" level

To level the printer:

  1. Place the level on the front machine base cover to check if the machine is level front to back.
    g3 level 1
  2. Check to make sure the machine is leveled left to right.
    g3 level 2
  3. To adjust the machine leveling feet.
    1. The bottom nut is attached to the leveling foot, you will need to loosen the top jam nut before moving the bottom nut.
    2. Adjust each foot until the machine is level.
      1. Turn the foot clockwise to un-thread the foot from the machine.
      2. Hold the bottom nut with one of the crescent wrenches while turning the top nut counter clockwise until it comes in contact with the printer chassis.

g3 level 3

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