Osman Bayrak


  1. Check the Hook Assembly for threads or, making sure that there are no threads in or behind the Hook. Remove the threads if any, and then go to the Head Timing Menu and do an ALT Up Arrow function, Go To Head Up.
  2. Check the hook area for pieces of a broken needle also if a needle broke. Make sure the UTC Sensor Arm isn't stuck in the hook either. Remove and replace the UTC if it is.
  3. If the error is still present then remove the UTC/Retaining Finger and the Bobbin Case.
  4. Refer to the Technical Manual for a pictorial illustration of the UTC. The retaining tab is part of the UTC.
  5. Loosen the right side mounting screw, but remove the left side mounting screw and swing the UTC to the right. Take hold of the spindle where the Bobbin Case is placed. It should spin freely inside the Hook Assembly. Be careful not to rotate the outer portion of the hook very much, as the needle could come down. Do this operation with the machine powered OFF.
  6. If it doesn't then, there could be either thread or a broken needle tip preventing the movement.
  7. Upon inspection of the Hook Assembly you are unable to find any foreign object, remove the Hook Assembly by loosening the three set screws, do not remove them.
  8. Refer to the Operation Manual for the location of the set screws. Inspect the Hook Assembly again for any object that may cause a bind. Lack of oil could also stop the hook from rotating
  9. To further assist in finding the cause of the bind remove the curved bar on the out side of the Hook Assembly which is held on by 3 very small slotted screws. Remove any object that is not part of the assembly.
  10. If the bind is still keeping the spindle from moving freely then replace the Hook Assembly.
  11. Make sure the hook ,and sewing head have been oiled also. See the Operations Manual for instructions on how to oil the machine, and it's frequency.
  12. If there is still a bind in the Z Axis, Remove the back cover at the rear of the heavy cast aluminum portion of the sewing head. Power the machine off. There are 2 pulleys with a black rubber belt attached under this cover. Try rotating the shaft left or right to see if there is still a bind. If not, the Z Encoder or Coupler may be damaged. Call your distributor, as these are usually parts that should be replaced by a trained technician.
  13. Check for either of the before mentioned Z Pulleys at the rear of the sewing head to see if either is loose on the Z Shaft. If the forward of the 2 pulleys is loose, call your distributor for more information, and or service call.
  14. The Trimmer Cam may have the Cam Follower lodged in the cam groove. Check the Technical Manual for the section on Trimmer Option, and corresponding reasons for Z Time-outs. The Movable Knife may also be stuck in the wrong position to be able to go home.
  15. Check under the Spring Knife on the right. There is a thin piece of metal under that knife called the Under Thread Presser. If it is bent out of shape, it can cause the Movable Knife to stop short of the home position. Replace the part using the information in the Technical Manual that shows how to replace the Spring Knife, as the same 2 mounting screws secure the blade to the machine. See the Technical Manual under Trimmer Option to find the Home Position for the Movable Knife.
  16. Check the Take Up Lever Cam for grease. Make sure that thread hasn't wrapped around the cam also. Use scissors to remove the thread if it is detected. If not sure how to get to the cam, call your distributor.
  17. If the Take Up Lever that is engaged is higher or lower than the other 9 by at least 1/4 inch when at "Head Up", the Take Up Lever Drive Gear isn't engaged into the proper groove on that engaged Take Up Lever Gear. The Needle Case would need to be removed. Then using the Head Timing Menu, the Z Axis would need to "Go To Head Up". Then the needle case would need to be reinstalled. The Technical Manual has a section that shows Needle Case removal & reinstallation. This is not an easy operation. A service call is advised. Call your distributor.