Osman Bayrak


  1. The top thread may not be trimmed under the needle plate. This will cause the Grabber to stay partially extended, and the error will show.
  2. Check the Technical Manual to see proper alignment of the Grabber System, because if the thread is cut, and the error persists mis-alignment of the system can also cause the error.
  3. If the Grabber moves too slow back to the home position, the Grabber Blade may be binding. Power the machine off, and rotate the Grabber Limit Stop Assembly to see if a bind can be detected. If so remove the covers seen in the Parts Manual. Check the Grabber Blade for bends or the covers for wear.
  4. Check the Grabber Motor Assembly to se if the Grabber System operates smoothly by operating the Motor Limit Stop Assembly as seen in the Technical Manual. (Trimmer Option Section)
  5. If the Grabber Motor operates slowly, check the screws that hold the wiring to the Grabber Motor to see if they are loose. Tighten them if they are.
  6. If the motor still operates slowly, call your distributor, as a trained technician will need to replace the motor.
  7. If the Grabber Motor doesn't operate at all at a trim or trim immediate, call your distributor to replace the 4 Axis PCB. If the motor still doesn't operate, call your distributor for a service call.