Viper 2 Tutorial - Loading the Cartridges


A. Gather eight of your nine flushing solution cartridges

1. The illustration and video show 4 flushing solution cartridges and your 4 color cartridges, but for this step, use ALL flushing solution cartridges

B. Raise the ink cartridges cover

C. Insert the flushing solution cartridges into the machine, in all of the bays, regardless of what colors should be in them

D. In the event you get a “1400” error, that means your pressure pump ran for too long without achieving its operating pressure

1. The “Status” light will be “Red”, and you will have an “Error” message on the screen, stating “SERVICE CALL ERROR 1400”

2. You do NOT need to call technical support

3. To Resolve

a) Make sure ALL of the cartridges are installed correctly

b) Make sure the ink cartridge cover is CLOSED

c) Turn the “Power” off - don’t forget to wait for the machine to “beep”, indicating it has powered off correctly

d) Turn the “Power” back on

e) Repeat several times, if necessary - once there is a little ink in the lines (not necessarily filled), that should allow the machine to pressurize the ink cartridges properly

G. Make sure the shut off (“pinch”) valve, on the waste bottle, is all the way OPEN (the wheel is at the wide end of the valve – as loose as possible).

Viper 2 Loading Cartridges

Note - Do NOT open the ink cartridge cover unnecessarily, as it allows the cartridges to de pressurize


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