Setting up Your DTG Kiosk Checklist



Download the DTG Quick Set Up Guide

Also, try downloading the DTG Kiosk BASICS Manual

Start to Finish List of Setting Up Your DTG Kiosk

(1) Inspect carton for damages.

(2) Open carton.

(3) Remove top cardboard and set aside. DO ONT DISCARD ANY PACKING MATERIALS

(4) Inspect to make sure carton contains the following materials: Instruction book with setup disk, 1 box of 7 color inks, 1 large platen, 1 height adjustment rod, 1 USB cable, 1 power cord, 1 screwdriver, bag of extra cotton sponges, 1 DTG printer.

(5) Remove all contents and set aside.

(6) You should have 2 people to lift the printer to put it on a stable table. Lift under the outside case and never under the bed of the printer.

(7) Inspect the printer for any damage.

(8) Remove all packing tape.

(9) Loosen the four screws holding the print bed, let them drop into the down position, and retighten as not to lose them for future transportation.

(10) Remove the back cover to the valve system. Turn all valves to the Ink position. Replace the screw as not to lose it.

(11) Remove the Inks from the box.

(12) Loosen the screw to the Ink compartment and slide the cover off the ink compartment.

(13) Remove the bottles from the ink compartment and fill with ink making sure to replace the bottles that correspond to the proper ink color.

(14) Hook up all cables and the power cord to the printer. Ensure that you attach USB cable to your computer.

(15) Install drivers from the setup disk using Epson Stylus 2200 drivers.

(16) Turn on printer by pressing and releasing the POWER BUTTON.

(17) Press and hold down the INK FILL button until the inks start to flow into the dampers, (white plastic ink holders on top of the print head). As each color fills the dampers release the INK FILL button and turn the valve that corresponds to that colo to the off position and continue to fill remaining inks. Do this till all inks are full.

(18) Make sure all inks are full and turn all valves back to the ink position.

(19) Press the INK button and hold down for 3 seconds to let the inks run thru the print head. Do this 3 times to insure good ink is coming out the print head.

(20) From your printer and faxes dialog in control panel, right click on the Epson stylus 2200 driver and select printing preferences. Click on the maintenance tab and click on Head alignment. Set a sheet of typing paper on the print bed and adjust bed to 1/8th below the printing head. Press the LOAD BUTTON to load the printer. Continue to print the head alignment making adjustments as needed. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the head alignment, making sure to press the LOAD BUTTON each time.

(21) Once the head alignment has completed you are now ready to send an image to the printer for testing.

(22) When the image is to your satisfaction you are ready to repack the printer.

(23) Install all stickers to the printer, one goes on the front of the printer and one each is installed on the sides of the printer. The silver sticker is placed on the front of the print bed above the adjustment knob.

(24) Make sure you have cleaning solution in the bottle wtih seven hoses in it.

(25) Turn all valves to the cleaning position, (refer to user manual to see which position this is).

(26) Press and hold the INK FILL BUTTON to clean out the hoses leading to the print head. Watch the overflow bottle as not to let it get too full, (empty as needed).

(27) Remove the cap to the yellow ink bottle and wipe the outside of the hose with a rag. Place the hose to yellow ink inside the cleaning solution bottle. Turn off all valves except the yellow ink, turn this to the ink position and press and hold INK FILL BUTTON to clean the remaining hose to the yellow ink. Once this is clean turn off the valve to yellow and repeat this step for each ink color.

(28) Once this is done turn all valves to the ink position and press and hold INK FILL BUTTON to remove any and all excess cleaning solution from the tubes.

(29) Replace extra ink back into the original bottles.

(30) Clean printer bottles and replace.

(31) Replace all covers.

(32) Turn off the printer by pressing the Power Button, (NEVER TURN PRINTER OFF BY UNPLUGGING THE POWER CABLE).

(33) Tape down the print head for transport. Replace cover to print head and tape this down.

(34) Place print bed back to its original position and replace the holding tabs.

(35) Using 2 people place the printer back in its original box and recover with plastic.

(36) Repack the inks and manual and disk making sure all materials are back in the box.

(37) Seal the box.

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