DTG Kiosk Printed colors are not correct


1. One or more of the CMYK color channels are not printing

**Print head needs to be primed by doing a few head cleanings.


**Bottle of ink has run empty. Fill the bottle and ink tubes and prime the print head with head cleanings.


Prevention: Top off ink bottles regularly.

**Open any valves that may be off.

DTG troubleshooting

**Print head is clogged. Use head cleanings or flush with cleaning solution. If that doesn't work replace the print head.

DTG troubleshooting

Prevention: Run head cleanings on days that the printer is not printing. For periods longer then a week, flush ink out of system using distilled water. Run cleaning solution through the system and leave the cleaning solution in the system until you need to print again.

**Damper has hole or is clogged. Replace damper.

DTG troubleshooting

2. Computer monitor needs to be adjusted

**Make sure the RGB (Red Green Blue) values are balanced.

**Adjust the brightness if necessary.

3. Color profiles are being used in graphic program such as Photoshop.

**During the print process from the graphic program make sure that no color management is selected. RIP pro will handle the color profiling.

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