DTG Kiosk No ink is coming out


Printer is printing but no ink is coming out.


1. Valves are closed

DTG troubleshooting

**Set valves to draw ink.

2. Print head is not primed

**Prime print head by running a few head cleaning cycles using the Ink button on the control panel.

3. Damper has come loose causing a lose of pressure in the ink system

**Reseat damper.

4. Capping station has become severely dirty or clogged

DTG troubleshooting

**Clean the capping station.

Prevention: Follow suggested maintenance routine.

5. Print head is severely clogged

**Replace print head.

Prevention: Run head cleanings on days that the printer is not printing. For periods longer then a week, flush ink out of system using distilled water. Run cleaning solution through the system and leave the cleaning solution in the system until you need to print again.

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