DTG Kiosk Head Carriage Removal


1) Remove Encoder Strip. Release spring on left side of printer (see Figure 1) ,
then remove Encoder Strip from tab on right side of machine. Use two pieces
of tape to secure metal tabs on the left end of the rails to the frame of the

carr 1

2) Move the wiper blade over next to the capping station by spinning the
black belt towards the back of the machine. The belt is out of position in
Figure 2. The wiper blade needs to move to the right side from this perspective.

carr 2
3) remove capping station by unscrewing two screw on the right side
of the machine (Figure 3). 

carr 3

4) Remove plastic bar from rail guide. Simply lift the right side of the bar to release it. See Figure 4.

carr 4

5) Release silver rails from plastic holders. The end of the rail is held in place by a plastic tab. Use something small
like a pick to pry the tab away from the rail, and then pull the plastic holder completely o each rail. Make a note,
or take a picture of the ends of the rails. The at spot on the end of the rail must be in this position to reassemble
the printer properly. See Figure 4.

6) Remove the screws from the right side of the machine. See Figure 5.
carr 5

Metal tabs (1 per each side of each rail)
The side of the machine can now be removed, and the carriage slid o the


WARNING! When reassembling, make sure that the pad on the bottom
of the head carriage is in place. Also make sure that the metal tabs on either
end of the rails are in place and secure against the frame, with the forks
sitting around a metal tab. It is vital that the rails are rotated into the
correct position, or the plastic holders will not t correctly. Resecuring the
metal tabs on the ends of the rails can be frustrating. Try rotating the tabs
around the rails to make it somewhat easier.

Kiosk carriage shaft removal

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