DTF Printer Maintenance

DTF Printer Maintenance

Paul Boody

Daily Maintenance –

Start of shift:

  1. Shake both white inks for 1 minute before the machine wakes up from sleep mode ensuring the contents are mixed properly (Shake XPD CMYK 1 time per week).
  2. Before installing, remove any free ink from the end of each 500mL white cartridge with a paper towel.
  3. Check media to make sure there is 10 ft remaining.
  4. Check Ink levels – Don’t let white run close to empty or you run a risk of clogs.
  5. Make sure the Heat Platen is free from residue or ink (the metal surface that the substrate prints on, and that the media guards are also clean, as well as underneath them)
  6. Print a nozzle check B and ensure there is no drop out.
  7. If there are any drop out/breaks in your nozzle check B perform a short clean followed by 1-2 little charges. (The order of your short cleans/little charges are important as you will not get a good nozzle check if you are doing a little charge followed by a short clean which is the wrong order. Make sure the short clean is first so the little charge can then push the cleaning solution back out). Repeat this process until the nozzle pattern is dropout free.
  8. Using a cleaning Swab soaked in cleaning solution/maintenance liquid, clean any ink surrounding both caps.
  9. Clean any ink buildup on the wiper blade with a dry cleaning stick
  10. Using a cleaning Swab soaked in cleaning solution/maintenance liquid wipe around the outside of each printhead. DO NOT touch the printhead while cleaning or you run the risk of getting a head strike.
  11. Empty waste ink container and reset counter on your software if necessary.

End of shift:

  1. Turn off heat and wipe down reflectors and rails in the gutter area around the bulbs of your oven. Avoid touching the bulbs themselves.
  2. All TPU powder in lower trays should be emptied into the top chamber.
  3. Open Drainage valve
  4. Brush off excess TPU powder from the printer and oven

Every 2-3 months:

  • Use your MSM dashboard to Long Store your printer and follow the instructions provided on the screen, this will ensure your lines are kept in working condition and help the longevity of your print head.

General Best Practices:

  1. Always print with the front cover in the down position.
  2. Protect the printer from electrical disruptions and power outages with a 500VA UPS surge protector
  3. Do not use inks that are expired
  4. Do not lift or touch the media when the printer is in operation! This runs the risk of getting yourself a headstrike by having the PET film make contact with your printhead
  5. Do not turn off the printer
  6. Clean wiper blade and the wiper drain path at end of production weekly.
  7. Clean the capping station seal and spit pad every second day
  8. Clean the print head guards and the black plastic rams at either end of the print head after production or each day.
  9. Make sure the Black strip on the front of the Heat platen is clean so that media sensor understands it’s media checks.

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