How to improve your nozzle check for DTF

How to improve your nozzle check for DTF

Paul Boody

Getting the perfect nozzle check and ensuring your DTF printer is firing on all cylinders may seem like a tall order, however in this blog post you will learn all the procedures you will need to ensure your prints are vibrant and efficient.

If you notice breaks or dropping out in the lines of your nozzle check, follow these procedures:

1. Conduct a short clean on your print head. This pushes cleaning solution into your print head and will attempt to alleviate clogs. The amount of cleaning solution and ink used in a clean is dependent on which one you choose: short clean being the least amount and long clean being the most.

2. Conduct two little charges. This will push ink back into your print head and build pressure in the ink lines and dampers. ALWAYS perform the little charges after doing a normal clean to prevent cleaning solution from being inside the print head while printing. 

3. Perform another nozzle check to see if it has improved. It is recommended that you choose the nozzle check B. This is the 'better nozzle check'. The difference is that your printer lays down a black layer behind the lines making it easier to see any breaks in the test.

4. If you still see breaks or dropouts in the nozzle check, perform another little charge. It is completely normal that this little charge will be the one to improve your nozzle check.

Now that your nozzle check has improved, it is important that you keep it that way. Make sure to stay on top of your daily and weekly maintenance and shake those white ink cartridges! 

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