Mpower Poly Primer on the Anajet mPower


Mpower Poly Primer is made for use with AnaJet PowerBRIGHT inks. The primer is used to create a printable surface on polyester fabric. This is only for light colored garments, white ink cannot be used on this type of material.



Combine the contents of the Poly Primer bottle to 64 fl oz of distilled water. Once the primer has been mixed with water it can be used with a HLVP sprayer like the Wagner. This mixture may also be used with pretreatment machines like the Viper.



Spray a generous amount of the primer in the area you are going to print. The area should be sprayed in an even left to right movement for consistency. Once applied to the garment use a small card squeegee in one direction to help even out the coating.



For the best results hang dry the garments after treatment. You may use a heat press to dry the primer but you must not clamp the press down. Hover the press over the wet area to dry. The primer must be completely dry before printing on.


Print Settings:

The same settings used for light cotton garments should be used when printing with the Poly Primer.

Sprint: Medium drop, level 3

mPower: Normal Quality, Medium Drop



356° F or 180° C for 35-40 seconds

330° F or 165° C for 90 seconds


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